I am a mother of a 3-week old baby girl and I am obsessed. Today I ventured out without her for the first time to a networking luncheon. As I walked through downtown Denver in heels I hadn’t worn since December, I had a whole new view on this world we live in. I looked at everyone differently. First, I couldn’t believe that every one of these people had a mother, and that many had mothers who loved them endlessly. Then I had a second thought: ‘How is there any fighting at all with the number of mothers out there and all the love they have for their children?’ I can’t fathom how the love that mothers have doesn’t solve everything! Isn’t that enough? Even the Beatles said, ‘All you need is love.’

At the lunch, I met 20 women who are up to amazing things by investing (literally) in each other and lifting up the community. Because of these women, these conversations, and these businesses being created, I left feeling encouraged about the world my daughter will grow up in. I saw a future that many of our Artisan Partners experience in the hope and opportunity they are passing to their daughters. A future that wasn’t possible without the love, determination and courage to do something new.

As a brand new mom, I stare at my daughter as she focuses on shadows I don’t notice and takes in her new environment. I wonder about what she’s wondering, about what her voice will sound like, about her future, about what she will do, and about what will be important to her.

When I look at her, I see the future. And I am relieved.