by Andrea Jones

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When asked if I’d write something about Gratitude, my first thought was “that’s easy, I’m grateful for so many things” and I made a list…all of the givens…my family, my friends, my health, my faith, my work, financial stability, etc. etc.  Done. Thank you, thank you.  

Then, in yoga today… the instructor says, “now we are going to play a little bit and try the Crow Pose – you don’t have to do it…basically it’s a party trick.”  I’ve never had this instructor before but I definitely loved her from the start. Then, she proceeds to show us how to do the Crow Pose and options for us to “play” with.  For those non-Yogis (like I consider myself) the Crow Pose involves basically starting in a frog-like position and then propping your knees on your elbows without falling on your face.  One time, a long time ago, I was feeling very confident and decided to go for it, doing an almost face plant but catching myself with my arm and really kind of hurting myself. I haven’t tried to go for full Crow Pose since then.  

Something made me want to do it today…maybe it was the way the instructor described it today, to really use my core and keep my gaze at the top of my mat or maybe because the term “party trick” made me lighten up a bit about the whole thing.  It was a small class and she was really encouraging me to do it saying, “you need to look up here,” pointing to the top of my mat…and…guess what…I did it! She then says, it’s all about your gaze!

Why the story?  It was at that moment I realized that the last year I have had so much gratitude for those around me who have supported me, guided me, surrounded me with the things that clarified my “gaze.”  And what’s been different for me is that it feels like I’ve not had to change who I am, my gifts, my authenticity, my personality. I just needed to redirect my gaze and have the confidence to achieve what I want to achieve by focusing on the things that fit my mission as a mother, wife, inspirer (new one for me), daughter, faithful servant, friend, contributer, etc.   Joining Threads has been such a big piece of that for me, not just the work (that’s a given) but the Family Values that Threads is based upon and how we work together, as true partners with each other and around the globe – they just seem to resonate with my future gaze. And, when I fall on my face I’m so thankful for all of you (you know who you are) who remind me to refocus my gaze!  Much love and gratitude!

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