Anything is possible TOGETHER

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In the fall of 2017, I traveled to Central America with 15 Threads supporters—Ambassadors, staff, investors, and advisors—to visit our Artisan Partners in Guatemala. In Patulul, we gathered with a group of artisan women to share

Threads Denver Roadshow

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Threads Denver Roadshow We just spent an incredible weekend with our Fair Trade Partners, Ambassadors (hostesses), and customers in Denver, celebrating the launch of our new Fall Community Collection. This was

Mothering My Way

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I’ve been a mother for 9 years, which is about how long I’ve been convinced I’m doing it wrong. What seemed to come naturally to other mothers - scheduling play dates, packing snacks for long car rides, and remembering

My Radiant Truth

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Seven months ago, I was drinking a glass of wine with my friend Kate. Kate is a fellow Fair Trade Partner at Threads, and just an all around amazing and radiant human being. We were talking about our families,

Meet Maria Pacheco

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Meet Maria Pacheco Meet Maria Pacheco: social activist in Guatemala and founder of a thriving artisan cooperative.   Maria started her career pursuing organic farming near her home of Guatemala City.

Match Her Courage

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March is Women’s History Month, and though we celebrate women every day, we’re teaming up with Women for Women International to make this month extra special. We’re thrilled to be partnering with this incredible organization. Every conversation we had

Celebrating the holidays with Sudara

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You guys, we have a confession to make: we're a little obsessed with Sudara. They have amazing clothing that's crafted by women in India who have escaped from human trafficking, and they are the most lovely to collaborate with.

Fair Trade Founder

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October is Fair Trade Month! We’re so happy to bring awareness to something we honor every month, every week, and every day of the year. While we’re all advocates of fair trade at the Threads Home Office, we all