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be the reason
your friends



your monday

As a Threads Ambassador, you’ll open your home to host an Artisan Showcase. All you have to do is gather your friends—your Fair Trade Partner will do the rest!

You’ll expand a global marketplace, gathering your community to shop fair trade accessories, learn about the power of their purchases, and engage in a world of women rising.

P.S. We’ll thank you with free jewelry and exclusive gifts!

Imagine Monday means…
…carving out time for work that energizes and empowers you.
…connecting with women who support you at every turn.
…spending time with your familyand running your own small business.


You don’t have to imagine.


As a Fair Trade Partner, you’ll earn an income and shape a fair future selling artisan-made jewelry and sharing the stories of the women who made it.


You don’t need a background in fashion or sales, our training team will guide you every step of the way towards building a thriving business.

Let’s set up a call with our Executive team to answer your questions about Threads Worldwide.