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Angela is co-founder of Threads Worldwide.

Wakened Apparel – A T-Shirt Company with a whole lot of Heart


Recently, we've had the chance to connect with Cassidy co-founder of a t-shirt company with a whole lot of heart called Wakened Apparel. Each of Wakened Apparel's t-shirts have a social mission behind them, and when our paths crossed on

Wakened Apparel – A T-Shirt Company with a whole lot of Heart2017-01-12T22:11:45+00:00

Inside the Threads Movement with Sarah Schroeder


We are creating life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry and our Threads Sales Consultants lead the Threads Movement by launching their own businesses to show the world how to shop with heart.

Inside the Threads Movement with Sarah Schroeder2017-01-12T22:11:45+00:00

Connect & Inspire: Visiting our Artisan Partners in Ecuador


At Threads Worldwide, we strive to connect our Threads Sales Consultants with the Artisan Partners we work with, and one of the ways we do such, is providing them with a curated kit of stories, cultural insight, and information, delivered to their

Connect & Inspire: Visiting our Artisan Partners in Ecuador2017-01-12T22:11:45+00:00

7 Fair Trade Easter Essentials


Easter is just a few days away and whether you are planning a full on festive day, or keeping it simple with a Sunday brunch, why not make it a fair trade holiday? We’ve put together a fair trade Easter

7 Fair Trade Easter Essentials2015-04-02T11:21:05+00:00

International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8. It started in 1911, and remains a day, year after year, to showcase the power of women. It is a day to remind us all that women are strong, and should never

International Women’s Day2015-03-06T15:09:21+00:00



I am convinced that my 4-year-old is incapable of walking from one spot to the next.  My time with her is always accompanied with a soundtrack of the pitter patter of her little feet. It doesn’t matter if she is

RUN (DON’T WALK)!!2017-01-12T22:11:46+00:00

Procrastination and a New Year


Sometimes my 'to-do' list can be a bit extensive and things that aren't immediate are 'snoozed' until a later date. If you can believe this - I just uploaded our pictures from meeting our Artisan Partners in Guatemala this fall.

Procrastination and a New Year2017-01-13T22:49:47+00:00

Suenos: Dreams Come True


Suenos: Dreams Come True To enter the workshop and home of one of our Artisan Partners in Guatemala, we crossed a threshold engraved with "Dreams Come True", which was accompanied by handprints of each Artisan. This group’s training begins

Suenos: Dreams Come True2017-01-12T22:11:46+00:00

Finding (y)our Digital Voice


At the Emerging Women conference I learned of a company called World Pulse who is ‘using digital media to connect women worldwide into a powerful force for change’.  They believe that ‘when women are heard, they will change the world’

Finding (y)our Digital Voice2017-01-12T22:11:46+00:00
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