Whether you’re hosting a Threads Showcase for your BFF Fair Trade Partner or throwing a holiday party for friends, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 5 tips for throwing the best — and easiest — holiday party around:

1) Snack Simply

For hors d’oeuvres, stick to some easy classics. We bought a small variety of cheeses, some bakery fresh bread, a bit of fruit, and colorful macaroons (which are very affordable at grocery stores). A pomegranate makes a delicious accent for the eyes and the taste buds: chop one open and pull the seeds from half, displaying the other half for a burst of color.

Threads Worldwide - Holiday Showcase

Pro tip: When extracting pomegranate seeds, fill a bowl with water and dunk the slice of pom in the water. You can easily separate the seeds without splashing juice all over your kitchen, and the fibrous bits will float to the top for easy separation.

2) Baby got Backdrop

Extend the life of your party far beyond the evening with an irresistible photobooth-style backdrop. We picked up some red and gold metallic foil fringe curtains and layered them on an empty wall. String some bistro lights around the room to enhance the shimmer and voila!

For fun props, dig through your costume collection. Warm winter wear like our Asana and Yavari Wraps and Aya Handwarmers made for cute props as well.

Threads Worldwide - Holiday Showcase

3) Decorate on a Dime

We went to a craft store and stocked up on faux christmas tree branches and glittery snowflake ornaments. The branches serve as easy wall decor, and the snowflakes will shed some extra glitter onto your table. Don’t have a tablecloth? Simply toss a clean, solid colored sheet over your table (no one will notice!).

Threads Worldwide - Holiday Showcase

4) Playful Presentation

To make your Threads pieces really shine, display them on simple surfaces that will accent color without distracting. At a craft store or second-hand store, grab a couple silver and gold plastic plates for showing off items like our Bright & Bold Gift Set. If you already have a few old plastic plates lying around, pick up a can of spray paint instead!

Threads Worldwide - Holiday Showcase


Any small mirrors hanging on your wall make for beautiful display surfaces too — and they allow guests to see how great they look in Threads Style. Other simple items you may have around your house, like glass boxes or even a pretty wooden cutting board, show off Threads jewelry well. We were sure to pull together pieces from our Season of Impact Gift Sets (and we’d recommend going one step further by labeling each of them).

Threads Worldwide - Holiday Showcase

5) Get ‘em Grooving

This upbeat playlist will set the tone for the evening and provide a reprieve from the conventional holiday tunes.


Have fun!