Our tribe of Fair Trade Partners consists of women from all different backgrounds, but it just so happens that many of them are teachers.

If you’re a teacher as well, here’s why we’d love to welcome you into our tribe.

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1) You’re already motivated to make an impact

As a teacher, you change the lives of children every day, and we know that’s the best part of the job. As a Fair Trade Partner, you’ll continue to make an impact by empowering mothers, families, and communities around the world to better support their children and themselves.

Threads Worldwide - teachers

2) You can enjoy your summer off…and still earn an income 

You so deserve your time off! But we totally hear you if your bank account isn’t as excited about the lapse in income. That time is perfect for launching your own social impact business and earning some extra cash.

Threads Worldwide - teachers

3) It’s completely different from what you do all year long 

Every job gets old after a while. Joining our tribe of Fair Trade Partners allows you to do something totally different than teaching, while still empowering you to express your creativity, use your people skills, and utilize your storytelling abilities in a new way.

Threads Worldwide - teachers

4) You have an expansive network 

We know your kids’ parents love you, so invite them to a Showcase! With all the connections you have from teaching, you’ll have plenty of people to host and attend Showcases.

Threads Worldwide - teachers

5) It’s fun and flexible

Being a Fair Trade Partner means doing your work on your own time, on your own schedule. You can still take your well-deserved summer vacations and work around them with absolutely no pressure.

Plus, it’s fun! Who wouldn’t want a job that entails going to parties and making women feel great!?

Whether you’re interested in supplementing your teaching income outside of classroom hours or ready for a change in your career, we know you’d find value in joining our tribe. Learn more here, and feel free to contact us at [email protected] with questions!