The Ambassadors that host Artisan Showcases are an integral part of the Threads movement. And great news: you could be one of them! Here are 3 reasons to get involved and host an Artisan Showcase.


1) Support Fair Trade Partners

When you host an Artisan Showcase, you’re facilitating a space for Fair Trade Partners to show off our handcrafted jewelry and talk about the beautiful stories behind each piece. This fun, relaxed setting is perfect for sharing how our Artisan Partners use recycled materials like discarded bullet casings and natural resources like coconut shells to create stunning pieces of jewelry.

When people learn some history behind their jewelry and have a clearer idea about the women who made it, each piece becomes even more special.

Threads Worldwide - Host a Showcase

2) Shop with heart, style with heart!

We’re in complete denial that summer is over, but like it or not, the holidays are just around the corner.

Hosting an Artisan showcase is the perfect way to shop for people you love sans mall parking lot wars or insanely long lines. You can chat with friends and sip on a glass of Merlot while pondering which earrings your sister-in-law would love most. Even better, you know your gifts were made with heart, and that your money is supporting an incredible movement.

Last but certainly not least, when you sell enough jewelry, you earn free pieces for yourself! When you (inevitably) get compliments on them, feel free to brag about your involvement with an inspiring fair trade jewelry collective.

Threads Worldwide - Host a Showcase

3) Experience the global economy…from your living room.

Shopping from Threads means having a true global shopping experience. Our pieces are genuinely one of a kind, and they each maintain a little magic from the women who made them. When you wear Threads jewelry, you’re wearing an emblem of the culture it came from.

Hosting an Artisan showcase allows you to contribute to the global economy in a tangible way. You can feel proud knowing you are empowering your global sisters, strengthening the connection between women around the world.

Threads Worldwide - Host a Showcase